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Manufacturing Consulting

We are prepared to visit you at your facility or invite you to visit us at our facilities in Mexico; be assured we provide safe proven ways of finding optimal locations and meeting compliance requirements for your cost efficient growth needs leading to successful soft landings.


Tierra Luna Engineering, LLC has partnered with PIMSA S.A. de C.V. of Mexico to bring efficient solutions to manufacturing companies looking to meet their unique growth, logistics and supply chain challenges while remaining cost competitive. Together, we bring over 53 years of experience and have built over 5.3 million Sq. Ft. in buildings. This alliance gives us the technical expertise to gain a thorough understanding of your needs, thus allowing us to develop optimal solutions customized to meet them. No project is too complex, and no time frame too short as we pride ourselves in always meeting your important deadlines.


While we will work in any geographical location customers want to expand into, we specialize in delivering soft landing turnkey solutions in Mexico. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Site selection assistance
  • Land Acquisition/Entitlement
  • Build to Suite or Lease
  • Regulatory and Compliance Assistance
  • Customs guidance services
  • Insurance, tax, legal and outsourcing services
  • Employee pipeline assistance 
  • Additional services include: due diligence, financing assistance, and manufacturing technical consulting

Our vast network will allow us to find the site that is needed and build to suit or lease. If time is of the essence, we can find an existing available shell buildings with the specs requested by your company. Additionally, our experience allows for an expedited approval process. All our projects are built or modified in accordance with the plans and specifications approved by your company and in accordance with with all laws, ordinances, regulations, and orders of governmental authorities.


Our commitment to quality and personal attention has allowed us build significant brand loyalty with our tenants and build-to-suit clients, many of which have completed multiple build projects with us.

  • Hughes
  • Libbey Owens Ford, now Pilkington
  • Rockwell
  • Paper-mate
  • Chromalloy
  • Baxter (now Vyaire)
  • Emerson
  • Data Products
  • Mattel
  • Lucky Gold star, (now LG)

Those were among some of the original companies, their continuous growth is the best testimonial of the success they have experienced.

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